Frequently Asked Questions

Why PURTIER Placenta?

PURTIER Placenta uses only the freshest and finest live cells from deer placenta. These cells are harvested from high-quality deer from New Zealand, and deer cells are highly compatible with human cells.

 Deer placenta contains both hyaluronic acid and IGF 1, both of which promotes tissue growth and improves skin quality, overall organ health, better eyesight, and joint function.

What is Live-Cell Therapy?

Live-cell therapy has been around for a long time, and in years past, the rich and famous used to flock to Switzerland to get sheep placenta injections, which they saw made them look beautiful and young. This is the secret of youth and beauty, and though these results are amazing, these injections must be done by professionals and they cost around $30,000. On top of this, because the injections must use fresh cells, the placenta must be frozen, sterilised, and fresh.

Thanks to more research and development, including our freeze-drying technology, we can now preserve the active ingredients of this placenta. With the added protection of optimal storage methods, we can maintain these supplements for up to three or four years. The cells, after all, must be live and active to strengthen the body and boost the metabolism.

Is Purtier Placenta Better Than a Placenta Injection?

When it comes to a placenta injection, they must be given by a medical professional, as there is a risk of shock, allergic reactions, and infections. They are also, of course, very expensive, and most people don’t have the luxury to afford a $30,000 treatment.

PURTIER Placenta, however, gives similar results, and it is available to everyone thanks to the significantly lower price. 

How Does Purtier Placenta Differs From Normal Placenta?

PURTIER Placenta comes from fresh deer placenta, which contains highly concentrated nutrients and other active ingredients. These ingredients help to enhance optimal health.

A normal placenta is typically processed into a powdered form, which means it no longer contains any active ingredients. So, you can see how PURTIER Placenta is superior to normal placenta products.

Why Should You Consume Purtier Placenta?

We begin aging from the moment we are born. In fact, we have the potential to live a life of 120 years, and sometimes more. However, the vast majority of people succumb to premature aging and medical conditions that are due to things like diet, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and pollution in the environment.

Bad habits can cause the body to create free radicals. These free radicals destroy the tissues and cells in the body and also cause the body to age. When you take PURTIER Placenta, however, you can boost your metabolism, see more youthful skin, and optimize your health. 

PURTIER Placenta: How Does It works?

PURTIER Placenta is made of live cells, which help to boost the functions and growth of the tissues that are already in your body. In other words, these new, live cells “wake up” the dormant cells in the body, leading to better health and noticeable youth.

How Is Purtier Placenta Absorbed Into The Body?

Since PURTIER Placenta is created by using the latest technology, we can ensure that the nutrients are quickly absorbed into the body. Thanks to the emulsification technology that we use during production, even the largest molecules are absorbed.

How is the Deer Placenta acquired?

The ingredients found in PURTIER Placenta comes from the fresh deer placenta after the deer delivers its babies. No deer are harmed in the process of obtaining the placenta. Once the placenta is harvested, it is immediately freeze dried to preserve all of the goodness, within.

Who needs it?

Deer placenta is perfect for anyone who notices that their body has begun to age. It is also good for people who want to reverse the sands of time, look and feel more youthful, and who wants to maintain their best health.

When Should I Start Taking Purtier Placenta?

After the age of 25, the body’s aging process really begins to move into motion. Therefore, it is recommended that you start taking it then, even if you don’t have any noticeable health issues. However, even if you are over the age of 25, you can take PURTIER Placenta at any time, as it helps to maintain and improve the youthfulness of your body and your health.

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage of PURTIER Placenta is four capsules each day for the first month, and then two capsules per day in following months.

After Consuming PURTIER Placenta, Is There "Heatiness"?

In general, people do not experience “heatiness” of the body, but we do recommend drinking a lot of water after using PURTIER Placenta.

How Long Should I Take PURTIER Placenta?

We recommend that people take PURTIER Placenta for six months. You need several months of the supplement to regulate the functions of the body. However, since everyone is different, you may find that you can take it for a shorter period of time or need to take it for extra months.

Can I Stop Taking PURTIER Placenta After Two Months?

This is a personal choice, but the recommended consumption period is at least 6 months for PURTIER Placenta to produce more significant results.

Can I Use Purtier Placenta For Longer Than 6 Months?

It is perfectly fine to continue to take PURTIER Placenta for more than six months. This is especially the case if you are still experiencing the great benefits of it. There are no side effects, nor will you become dependent on it. The longer you take it, the longer you will experience the benefits.

Can I Take Other Supplements With Purtier Placenta?

PURTIER Placenta is a supplement that gives you so many benefits, including vitality, youthfulness, and improved health. It is produced through a unique manufacturing process using deer placenta and nine other natural ingredients. It regulates your body’s functions and provides nutrients in a long-term manner.

Learn more about Purtier placenta here.

Are we the official store?

We are the distributor of Purtier Placenta. If you plan on getting memberships and earn bonuses for promoting Purtier Placenta, please contact your local distributors who recommended you to the product directly for further assistance. All sales on will not come with any membership or bonus.  

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