For more than a decade, PURTIER Placenta has evolved and become the ultimate nutritional supplement that reduces the effect of time on your body. People across the globe love this product, and it not only meets all of your nutritional needs, but also gives you peace of mind thanks to the care and consideration given to choosing each ingredient.


By using the great restorative powers of the placenta of deer, along with live-cell therapy, which contains active live cells, plus the latest technology, this product is like a gift from nature. PUTRIER Placenta is formulated by experts in the field and enhanced by the finest nutrients.


Remaining true to its purpose whilst embracing progress, and through extensive research and development, we are proud to present the 6th Edition of PURTIER Placenta’s formula. We have put a lot of time and effort into this revolutionary breakthrough formula, and it has exceeded all of our expectations. We have formulated 12 exceptional ingredients that work together to significantly improve the efficacy of the product, making it the best product on the market to improve your overall health.


As we age, our bodies lose the ability to rejuvenate the cells. It starts by slowing down, and eventually, it is unable to perform as well as it should. This puts us at risk of developing chronic illness and other diseases. Thus, early prevention is the key to good health as our bodies do possess the ability to fight aging, they just need the right boost.

PURTIER Placenta uses Live-Cell Therapy, which contains live deer placenta cells and proteins to help to fight the ageing process. This therapy works by rejuvenating the cells in your body while also triggering new cell production. This leads to restoring and revitalizing your youthful looks.

Start today to maintain your youth and to ensure your body stays in its best form, by getting healthy and more energetic.


The Perfect Union

With the 6th Edition of PURTIER Placenta, you will elevate your youthfulness and health to an entire new level. We have made several new improvements in this edition, and the formula is designed to enhance and boost the results that you get. Our formula, NucleiClavem™, is revolutionary and it certainly delivers amazing results. This is our latest offering and it is backed by extensive research and development through a drug research process that is computer aided for exceptional results.


    1) We use the most advanced technology to ensure that the nutrients you get from this formula are in the best condition. This helps the body absorb the most nutrients possible.

  • Freeze-Drying

    1) PURTIER Placenta only uses extracts from fresh deer placenta. We do this by freeze drying and preserving the live cells, which helps us get the highest possible benefits for up to three to four years.

  • Nitrogen-Filled

    1) When live cells and nutrients come in contact with things like bacteria, oxygen, UV rays, or free radicals, they began to deteriorate in quality. Therefore, we have chosen to encapsulate our product with nitrogen-filled capsules, which ensures that there is no oxygen present throughout the manufacturing process. This prevents the live cells and nutrients from decomposing, and it gives you the best possible product.

  • Enteric-Coated & Biosoftgel

    High quality enteric coating prevents capsules from being destroyed by gastric acid and losing their nutrients during transportation to the small intestine, ensuring that they dissolve in the small intestine where absorption of nutrients is the highest. With Biosoftgel, the absorption rate is further boosted by up to 60-80% where it also contains valuable bio-active nutrients.

  • Emulsification

    We use the latest in emulsification technology which allows even the largest molecules to be fully absorbed by the body during the chylomicron process.